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Award Winning Artisan Chocolate


We use influences from the far East to produce our unique range of award winning chocolates.

'Kanmi' describes the taste of transition between bitter and sweet. We believe the term, and the concept of 'kanmi' describes perfectly the complex bittersweet taste of the chocolate.

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Quality Ingredients Exciting Flavours

All of our products are handcrafted with the finest ingredients and packed in the UK to ensure the highest standards. 

At KANMI, chocolates are incorporated with the most beloved flavours of the East, to create extraordinary and unique tastes. From lychee, the most treasured fruit of consorts in the Tang Dynasty, to the green tea matcha favoured by Zen Buddhists, each flavour comes with its own tale to tell.


Our Beautiful Chocolates

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  • Sampling chocolates that are not currently in the product range

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